About us

HAS is a digital agency for web development and digital services founded in Barcelona in 2017.

We design modern and functional web pages with different content programs. And we offer global digital services for companies, brands or products. WordPress. E-commerce. Marketplace. Photography and video production. Art direction and content.

We work with a global list of clients in the areas of culture and commerce. And we collaborate with marketing and advertising agencies,consultants and master minds. We create digital projects focused on the human being and prepared for the future.

Our Clients

We listen
We advice
We work fine

Our list of clients and collaborations includes Little Red Corvette Records, artist and sculptor Paula Rubio, composer and singer Catalina Claro, and French architect Adrian Païs. DJN Shop Online, Pudú Travel Chile, South Europe Travel, Wetwip España, Faraway Land Fruits and Southern Growers & Traders, Fayos Creativos, Han Agency, among others.

Our Founders

Stephanie Guerrero


Viviana Pizarro Magnani


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